8th November Our Speaker was Member Paul Ganjou, who gavew his Job Talk.

 Paul said he had a showbiz background. His parents were on the stage in the 1930s, 40s and 50s with an act As a 10 year old he recalled seeing them live at the Prince of Wales on the same bill as Tommy Cooper and Benny Hill.

 He began his career at 18 at a stage hand at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane – the best job he ever had. He them moved to Shell where he met someone who persuaded him to move into Financial Services. He joined Abbey Life which morphed into the Hambro Life, then Allied Dunbar. He then joined J Rothschild Assurance which morphed into St James’ Place. He took early retirement in 1997 and did charity work and was involved with property.  By 2005 he was becoming bored. Through his old boss, Lord Leach head of Bupa he joined Bupa and then became a Health Insurance broker – Premier Choice - specialising in groups.

 He had been in Bupa for 25 years and had never claimed, but becoming older he did claim and has claimed more than he ever paid in premiums.  He would advise anyone starting out to take out medical insurance - if they can afford it – with a big excess, which they can lower as they get older. The main advantages were choice, avoiding waiting lists and choosing the time.  The keyword is ‘affordability’.  He suggests ‘cash plans’ to new clients which ignores medical history, Our Club could set up a cash plan which individual members could join if they wished. Premiums are low from £10 a month to £50.

 Paul has many showbiz connections, with charities who have events which may interest Members: The Water Rats – a big showbiz charity – they have a big event next year for Frank Bruno. The charity meets in the Grays Inn road at the Water Rats PH where they have a museum. He also supports the Grand Order of Lady Ratlings who also have events. He is also on the executive committee of the Royal Variety Charity who have an event at The Royal Albert Hall and will let us know about next year’s event in case Members want tickets where we might get ‘mates rates’.

 He became a freemason in 1977 at the showbiz Chelsea Lodge where there many famous people and we might be able to get some for our functions at ‘mates’ rates.

 Paul is a past Chairman of the Nelson Society (the President and Kevin are members). They have just had a dinner at Drapers’ Hall – a magnificent event,  Nelson was not a slaver despite recent attempts to brand him one. They go all round the country to celebrate his battles. The next dinner will be in Norwich and Paul will let us know the details. He is well connected in the Historic Dockyard, which could be a possible visit for the Club. Also member of the Royal Maritime Museum and the Royal Museum, with the Cutty Sark, the Queen’s House, the Painted Hall and the Royal Observatory. They have regular events and he will keep us informed.

 He is a member of the Frank Macham Society. He built over 100 theatres in the UK including the Colosseum, the Palladium and the Victoria Palace where his parents performed many times. Paul could organise something for the Club at the Palladium.